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MAM Electric Double Breastfeeding Pumps with Rechargeable Battery

MAM Stand: D31
  • Freedom to pump anytime, anywhere with up to 3 hours of battery power
  • 9 different suctions strengths for each side on all modes
  • Maximum comfort thanks to individual settings for each breast
  • Double, Single, Manual expressing in one
  • Offers smooth and comfortable expression with a two-phase system including 9 expression and 9 stimulation modes
  • Modern touch screen digital display
  • Compatible with MAM's full range of Easy Start Bottles and Milk Storage Solution Pots
  • Developed by midwives and recommended by 91% of mums
  • Can switch to the manual pump in 2 easy steps, offering discreet pumping on the go

Made for Mums 2021 GOLD Award Winning Breast Pump!
After the successful launch of our MAM 2in1 Single Breast Pump, we introduce the new, more flexible MAM 2in1 Double Breast Pump! As well as continuing to offer both the practicality of an Electric Breast Pump and the flexibility and discretion of a Manual Pump, there a number of new useful features which provide maximum comfort by allowing mums to individually adjust the pumping settings for each breast. The different modes feature left or right only pumping, dual or alternate pumping in 30-second cycles, which can help stimulate milk flow. The new 2in1 Double Pump also allows mums to set different suction strengths for each breast. The new pump also features an alarm that can be set to remind mum when next to express her milk. The 2in1 Double Electric Breast Pump still holds all of the much-loved features that appear on our Single Electric Breast Pump; it can convert to a Manual Pump in two simple steps, it has a timer that counts the minutes of your pump cycle, 9 different suction strengths across both stimulation & expression phases and a rechargeable battery which lasts up to 3 hours - taking away the worries of having to find or be near a plug socket! It even features a key lock to prevent tampering. Of course, the MAM 2in1 Double Electric Breast Pump is compatible with all MAM's Easy Start Bottles and Milk Storage Pots, allowing mums to express directly and safely without losing a drop.


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