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PurerMama Pregnancy Collagen

Purermama Stand: F59

PurerMama Pregnancy Collagen 

Our products are formulated with high quality bovine collagen from the purest sources to provide maximal absorption beyond what can be absorbed from normal foods


  • Collagen is a component of the placenta and important in its formation. Collagen is also found in the cervix and in the womb.
  • Collagen is a large component of ligaments, bones and muscles 
  • Collagen is also known for its role in healthy skin.
  • Made from high quality bovine collagen in our ethical laboratory
  • Contains Vitamin D which is an essential recommended nutrient for pregnancy because of its role in bone strength. Vitamin D also contributes to immunity and is used to make the mood hormone, serotonin.
  • It is combined with vitamin C which enhances the absorption of collagen protein. Vitamin C is also important in preventing cell damage and enhancing cell repair and is known as an antioxidant.
  • The high protein content helps to build stronger muscles when combined with pregnancy exercises. 
  • Contains glycine which is important for healthy brain function

A powerful combination for a strong pregnancy.



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