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Purflo PurAir Breathable Crib

Purflo Stand: H48

The experts at Purflo have put their 25 years of experience in breathable technology and sleep science into the PurAir Breathable Crib. With airflow mesh sides and a comfortable, firm, flat mattress it has been developed with safer sleep guidelines in mind, to create the optimal sleep space for babies from newborn - six months. You'll be able to make eye contact and see every sleepy little yawn as you check on them when they wake, and when they sleep they can be right by your side in their own safe space.

- The next generation sleep space- like a moses basket but breathable, like a crib but moveable

- Compact footprint to fit comfortably in parents bedroom

- Detachable crib so that you can move it to wherever you are, and then put baby down to sleep in it

- Breathable materials to allow airflow

- Created in line with Safer Sleep Guidelines

- Tested to the latest UK crib safety standards

- Mesh sides so that you can have eye contact with your baby

- Toy bar to engage and soothe sleepy babies

- Includes soothing centre complete with nightlight, soothing vibrations, lullabies and nature sounds

- For use from birth to six months old


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