Gemma Metcalfe-Beckers

Founder of Mutha.Hood


Gemma runs a clothing brand and online Instagram community called Mutha.Hood: It all started after I struggled with birth trauma and anxiety from having my two wonderful girls. I wanted to create something that helped Mums to know their worth and feel included, supported and less alone. As it has grown the brand message has extended beyond Mums, to all women and girls, and at the core of it all is the desire to empower them with meaningful, reassuring garments and a whole lot of chat on Instagram stories. We’re all a part of the Strong Girls Club and I love how much that slogan in particular is resonating with so many. Before I had children I worked in TV Production firstly and during a brief break in contracts I fancied trying out Fashion Buying so I took a few weeks worth of work experience, sorting out the fit cupboard and absorbing everything I could like a giant 6'3" sponge. They, fortunately, gave me a job afterward and I learned so much. I stopped when I fell pregnant with Big Red and it's wonderful to be able to use what I learned then in what I do now.
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