Rich Edwards


Rich is one-half of the Two Dads in London's Instagram account with over 25,000 followers. Rich and his husband Lew have been through the adoption process twice and have two gorgeous children and are now exploring what life is like as Dads living in London. Rich will be joining the Dads Podcast Panel on Sunday 19 October at 13:15. Don't Tell Your Mum is a weekly podcast for Dads (and mums…) about parenting issues, family life, and reconnecting with being a man. In it’s second season now, Don’t Tell Your Mum has racked up tens of thousands of listens with special guests such as Romesh Ranganathan, Bill Bailey, Bob Mortimer & Paul Whitehouse, Tom Hanks, Ross Kemp and many more. And now you can join them for a live recording. Hosts Al & JK will be joined by Mario Falcone, Ben Anderson & Rich Edwards to uncover what life as a dad is really like. Exploring what labour is really like, the best thing about being a dad, what legacy we want to leave as fathers and everything in between. 

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