Bonnie Takhar

Founder and CEO of LetsBab


Bonnie Takhar is the Founder and CEO of LetsBab, a digital mall that is disrupting the retail landscape and digitalising word of mouth. Takhar, a seasoned fashion executive with over 20 years experience, has held a number of high-ranking positions and has consistently delivered exponential growth for luxury brands, capturing market share, brand perception and profits. Within six years, as Managing Director & President, she led Earl Jean into a global business continuing to lead the company following its acquisition by Nautica Enterprises. Subsequent roles as Chief Commercial & Merchandising Officer at Jimmy Choo, President & CEO at Halston and President & CEO at Charlotte Olympia, confirm her ability for creative enterprise, global business expansion and positioning brands for acquisition. In 2009, whilst at home on maternity leave, Takhar came up with the idea of launching a platform for people to make and receive recommendations to their trusted friends and family. Looking for a means to channel her energy and natural skillset, and well aware of the power of the personal recommendation, the origins of LetsBab were born. The sentiment of “if I had a dollar for every time I recommend this….” was something she had heard time and time again, but which had never been realised. She saw a clear opportunity to enable others, like herself, to be empowered and feel connected, whilst doing something they naturally already did – sharing ideas and recommendations, which is based on a shared economy. Bonnie is of Indian heritage but was raised and educated in the UK. She mixes a Western sense of achievement and business with an Eastern charm and calm flair, which have proven instrumental for a very precocious and impressive career. When not working you can find Bonnie on the sports field watching her 9-year-old son play cricket. LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bonnie-takhar-0b9570a/

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