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1 - 3 March 2019
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28 Feb - 1 March 2020
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ExCeL, London

It can seem that there is some secret code when it comes to motherhood, especially around the early stages of motherhood. Some aspects of becoming a parent are just not talked about until you've been there and done it. Which in our opinion is sometimes a little late! 


The Baby Show has been synonymous with shopping for everything baby for 19 years, with many iconic products and brands launching exclusively at the show. In 2021, The Baby Show may have gone virtual however one thing remains the same – you’ll find...


I always knew that I wanted to be a mother & had it in my head that I would go down the heteronormative route - being from a staunch Catholic upbringing it was always my dream to get engaged, married then have babies - four to be exact. Who I was...


​You have no idea what you're missing from these wonderful boutique brands all of which bringing some excellent exclusive...