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22 Jan 2024

The Baby Show Loves...New Products

Catch a glimpse of The Baby Show's newest star products being unveiled at the ExCeL London show from 1-3 March

Discover true game-changers – items designed to lighten your load by either saving time or effort, pushing the boundaries of innovation, enabling multitasking, or providing ultimate comfort. Many of these groundbreaking products will be available at exclusive show prices, ensuring that not only do you get a first look, but you also enjoy significant savings!

Tommee Tippee ColicSoothe Milk Vacuum (Stand D51)

Tommee Tippee ColicSoothe Milk Vacuum

Introducing Colicsoothe, the innovative solution for natural colic relief in babies and peace of mind for parents. Designed to address the common issue of air bubbles in baby's milk leading to gas, bloating, and colic, Colicsoothe effortlessly vacuums the air out of the bottle, providing immediate comfort for your little one with just one press. In a recent survey, 9 out of 10 parents reported that Colicsoothe helped alleviate their baby's discomfort, making feeding stress-free for both baby and parent. This natural, non-invasive solution requires no additional drops and is compatible with most bottle types. Lightweight, compact, and USB rechargeable, Colicsoothe is designed for on-the-go convenience, ensuring colic relief wherever you are. For optimal results, pair it with the scientifically proven Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti Colic Bottles. In an independent study, 90% of parents observed an improvement in their baby's colic symptoms within one week of using Colicsoothe, offering a 40% reduction in crying time after just three days. Make every feeding a soothing experience with Colicsoothe – the touch of a button for happy, comfortable babies. Ask for a demo on stand D51.

il Tutto Lulu Gliding Nursing Chair (Stand J26)

il Tutto Lulu Gliding Nursing Chair

For any new parents or parents-to-be looking for the ultimate nursing chair, il Tutto, debuting at The Baby Show ExCeL London, have a fabulous range of upmarket gliders, rockers and reclining chairs that are not only practical but look beautiful too. The Lulu Gliding Nursing Chair boasts a style that will fit seamlessly into any nursery and create a dreamy cosy corner for all to enjoy for many years. In Vanilla Bouclé, it has been designed with a timeless and on trend design. This ever-so-stylish chair also features a 360 swivel base and a smooth gliding motion which creates a calming spot for you and your little one to enjoy while reading, learning, playing or cuddling!  The smooth gliding sensation offers welcome relief for sore, postpartum bodies. Try out their full range at the show. 

iCandy MiChair (Stand A39, B10)

iCandy MiChair Black

Introducing the sleek black iCandy MiChair, meticulously crafted by iCandy’s in-house design team. This elegant and modular piece of furniture is destined to be a central feature in stylish family homes for years. With modular components adaptable to a growing baby and an impressive 10-year warranty, the iCandy MiChair blends space efficiency with functionality. Parents can choose their preferred colorway, maintaining a contemporary home with this futureproof chair. The wipe-clean cushions and machine-washable fabrics meet modern parenting needs, complementing the sustainably-sourced beech wood chair back. The iCandy Newborn Pod, an optional addition, transforms the traditional baby rocker and docks onto the MiChair, enabling easy interaction and bringing baby to parent height during feeding. At weaning, the MiChair evolves into a sophisticated toddler chair, ensuring a stylish and functional investment that grows with your family. More than a highchair, the iCandy MiChair exemplifies effortless multifunctionality, combining comfort, convenience, and safety without compromising on style, proving that baby essentials can be both functional and beautiful in the home.

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting iCandy launches at the show!

MAM Move Wearable Breast Pump (Stand A62)

MAM Move Wearable Breast Pump

The revolutionary NEW MAM Move Wearable Breast Pump transforms the breastfeeding experience by eliminating awkwardness and visible tubes. Perfect for multitasking mums, it offers newfound freedom for on-the-go feeding with its discreet and peaceful milk expression technology. Developed by MAM, a leading baby brand with over 45 years of expertise, this compact yet powerful breast pump redefines convenience, featuring a sleek design for discreet wear and hands-free mobility. The Expression and Stimulation mode cater to varying needs, mimicking natural sucking behaviour, while safety is prioritized through a self-sterilizing function. Available in three sizes for optimal comfort, the pump includes a MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic bottle, providing a comprehensive solution for pumping and feeding on the move. Experience a new era of breastfeeding with the MAM Move Wearable Breast Pump, making its debut at The Baby Show this March.

Snuz Style Edits (Stand A70, C70, E70, G70)

Snuz Style Edits

Introducing Style Edits by Snuz, the creators of stylish sleep solutions including the now iconic and award-winning bedside crib, SnuzPod. The recently launched Natural Edit is inspired by natural wooden elements being the foundation of all great interior design. With warm, natural tones encapsulating our attention, this collection connects modern style with timeless influences of the great outdoors. Whether you want to create an earthy and deeply textured space or a soft and muted interior, The Natural Edit has what you’re looking for. Choose from Oak, Walnut, Ebony or Silver Birch.

Little Green Sheep New Colour Collection (Stand E80, E60, E50, E20)

Little Green Sheep Moses Basket

Little Green Sheep signature Moses basket collection has some new characters, a new vibrancy and some soul soothing colours joining the mix to complement any nursery. Welcome, new additions inspired by the colours of the seasons – Juniper, Truffle and Terracotta. Their Moses basket collection is made up of a variety of on-trend colours that parents can either mix and match, with their bedding and cosy blankets, to create personalised combinations or keep it cohesive, the options are plentiful. 

Cybex Cloud G i-size (Stand A70, C70, E70, G70)

Cybex iCloud G i-size

Unveiling the Cybex Cloud G i-size car seat, a pinnacle of innovation in child safety and comfort. Expertly crafted to prioritize your growing baby's well-being, it features a specially designed lie-flat position that maintains correct body posture whether in the car or exploring the world. Precision and care define the Cloud G, setting a new standard for on-the-go safety. With a seamless one-click release and 180-degree rotation, boarding becomes effortlessly smooth. The car seat ensures optimal breathability through all-round air ventilation, and for an extra touch, choose the Plus Line with its ultra-breathable mesh fabric—six times more airy than comparable materials. Designed to fit conveniently into airplane seats, the Cloud G allows your baby to lie flat throughout the entire flight, combining safety and comfort for your little one's travel experience. Make sure you visit the Cybex stand for more exciting new products including the EOS Lux 2-1 every day stroller and new Lemo Learning Tower +.

The Sleep Nanny App (Stand G41)

The Sleep Nanny App

Created by Lucy Shrimpton aka. The Sleep Nanny®, this new app can transform parents life and give both child and parent the healthiest start…with sleep. It provides the tools and education to empower new parents with a strategy they can tailor to their unique needs and it’s accessible anytime and anywhere right from their chosen device! Science-based, soulfully delivered parenting strategies are tailored to unique child and family dynamics with access to bespoke plans, what to do if….tracking tools, community chat and more and the touch of parents fingers. The Sensory Sleep™ Methodology is all about developing healthy sleep for the whole family. Available for Android and iPhone.

Lovevery Play Kits and Book Bundles (Stand B50)

Lovevery Play Set

We’re excited to welcome Lovevery to The Baby Show for the first time. The award-winning early childhood brand, has expanded its subscription Play Kits program to serve children ages 0-4 and their parents. Most recently the brand has launched The Book Bundles – additional book titles available with each subscription Play Kit, designed to support social emotional learning and cognitive development at each stage. The new books provide support for some of the big moments in children’s early years, like going to the dentist, potty learning, or the challenge of sharing with a sibling.

More exciting new products to be added nearer the show.



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