5 Sleep Myths


5 Sleep Myths

Nicole Ratcliffe of Baby2Sleep
5 Sleep Myths

By Nicole Ratcliffe

1. Never wake a sleeping baby!

There are many reasons to wake a sleeping baby, even if it doesn't feel natural. Sometimes their sleep patterns shift and they need us to intervene to help them get back on track and help reset their circadiun rhythm.

2. A later bedtime means a later wake-up

Missing their normal biological bedtime can mean increased cortisol, lower melatonin release, less nrem sleep overnight, crashing to sleep, higher cortisol through the night meaning an earlier wake up is more likely. An earlier bedtime is more likely to produce a later wake up if a baby is overtired.

3. Drop the nap so they are more tired at bedtime and will sleep better

In most cases, this has the opposite effect in the long run. It may work a few times but as the cortisol levels rise and a baby becomes more overtired, early rising may kick in followed by night wakings and/or bedtime battles

4. Having solid food will help a baby sleep through the night

As for this being factual, there is no evidence to support it, if anything, the digestive system may disturb sleep while adjusting to its new role.

5. During the teething period, babies experience a lot of pain and their sleep is disrupted for a long time

Sleep may be affected by teething for up to a week before a tooth appears. As the tooth grows, the gum breaks down. It is believed that teething is responsible for normal baby development, chewing hands, drooling, etc..

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