How to baby-proof your home


24 Feb 2023

How to baby-proof your home

Jenni Dunman of Daisy First Aid
How to baby-proof your home

By Jenni Dunman of Daisy First Aid

If you’re pregnant or a parent of a tiny baby it won’t be long before your baby is on the move. They’ll be crawling, cruising, climbing and walking. They’ll be reaching and grabbing and exploring as much of the world around them as they possibly can!

It’s an exciting time when your baby starts moving so to enjoy it without having to worry it’s a good idea to baby-proof your home well before your little one is on the move to make sure you can keep them safe.

What is baby proofing?

Did you know that most accidents in children under 5 years of age occur in the home?

Baby proofing is what we parents can do to minimise the risk to our children in our homes. We want our children to be able to learn and explore but we need to make sure they can do this as safely as possible.

When should you think about baby proofing?

You should think about possible hazards to your baby well before they can move. At Daisy First Aid we recommend getting down to your little one's level and crawling around the rooms in your home to see what dangers are in reach. You might feel a little silly doing this but it’s the best way to spot those potential hazards.

Room by room

  • Think of the different rooms in your home and what potential hazards are in them. Here is our room-by-room guide for what you may need to look out for. You can download our FREE baby-proofing checklist here.


  • Cupboard door locks (especially for that cupboard under the sink)
  • Oven guard


  • Cover sharp corners of the coffee table
  • Blind/curtain cords out of reach
  • Fireguard on fireplace
  • Place tall lamps behind furniture


  • Keep medications out of reach
  • Cleaning products out of reach
  • Store nappy bags out of reach


  • Install stair gates


  • Keep hair dryer and straightener unplugged and well out of reach
  • Secure furniture to walls


  • Move any small objects that could be a choking hazard
  • Put door stoppers on doors
  • Store spare batteries out of reach
  • Make sure windows are locked – particularly on upper floors
  • Ensure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are present and have batteries
  • Move toxic plants out of reach
  • Ensure loose cables are out of reach
  • Block access to radiators and hot pipes
  • Fence of pool or pond
  • Do a Daisy First Aid class!

And remember:

  • A cup of tea can seriously burn a child 15 minutes after it’s been made.
  • Always keep out of reach.
  • Check the bath water before putting the baby in – run the cold tap first then add the hot water.
  • Cut round or disc-shaped food (such as grapes and sausages) in half lengthways before giving it to young children.
  • Never leave a child unattended while they’re eating or while they’re in the bath.

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