Mumpreneur of the Month Kente Kids


10 Feb 2024

Mumpreneur of the Month Kente Kids

Mumpreneur of the Month Kente Kids

Kente Kids is a Black-owned business created by Sisters Genevieve and Rachel, during lockdown following the births of their little girls.
They create handmade accessories for mother and baby incorporating African fabrics.


Tell us the story behind your launching your brand and company name.

Inspired by the joy of motherhood, we started Kente Kids during lockdown after the births of our little girls (mini CEO’S). Our passion lies in crafting handmade accessories for families using vibrant colours and prints.

The name Kente Kids pays homage to traditional Ghanaian textiles, while also emphasising the focus on children. Our mission is to be a celebration of African children and parents all over the world and a constant reminder of their vibrance and beauty.


How would you describe your brand in three words?

Cultural, inclusive and fun.


How do you manage running a business alongside being a parent?

We think it’s all about maintaining a healthy balance. Running a business alongside parenthood requires effective time management and it’s important to have a good support system in place.


What skills would you say you need to have to be a ‘Mumpreneur’?

We would say you definitely need to have patience and also resilience. Children are unpredictable and therefore being able to multitask and adapt to challenges would help you in your journey to mumpreneur. 


What guidance would you give other parents thinking of starting a business?

Our guidance for other parents considering starting a business would be to pursue something that they are passionate about and try to get as much support as you can from mentors and other entrepreneurs. Make sure you have that support system in place to support you along the way, and always be prepared to learn. There will be setbacks so you have to know how to learn and grow from them. 


Where do you see KenteKids in the next five years?

In the next five years, we hope that Kente Kids has expanded its reach globally and become more recognised. We also hope that we are able to branch out into other related product lines and incorporate more of our culture into the brand.


What impact/change would you like to make in the industry, through your brand?

With Kente Kids, we aim to promote cultural diversity and inclusivity in a range of baby accessories. Fostering a sense of pride and also recognition and representation in families that are not just from an African background. 


How do you incorporate sustainability into your business?

Sustainability is incorporated into our brand through ethical sourcing of materials, which we source directly from Ghana, and environmentally friendly production processes. We have created a few of our products from the offcuts, minimising waste as much as possible. 


Why have you chosen to exhibit at The Baby Show ExCeL, what do you hope to achieve?

We have chosen to exhibit at the baby show Excel to showcase our brand to a wider more targeted audience. We love meeting mums-to-be and their families and really connecting with our potential customers and retailers. We also hope to gain valuable feedback to help improve our products.


Will you have any show exclusive features or offers available to customers on your stand at The Baby Show Excel?

At The Baby Show we will be offering show exclusive discounts and a raffle giveaway of our ultimate bundle to engage with visitors and create a memorable experience for families. We can’t wait to meet you all at stand, in the New Kids On The Block area, P31.


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