Project Baby Buying Guide - NEC Birmingham 2024


17 Apr 2024

Project Baby Buying Guide - NEC Birmingham 2024

Project Baby
Project Baby Buying Guide - NEC Birmingham 2024

If you’re reading this, you’re probably getting ready to make all those important purchases before your little one makes their appearance. Our editor Natasha will help run you through the essentials, making sure your shopping experience at The Baby Show is a joyous day out and not overwhelming. Below you will see our easily digestible list that highlights all the essentials.

Somewhere for baby to sleep 

First things first you need somewhere for baby to sleep. 

To start with you might like to think about a Next to Me crib or Moses’ basket this will generally do you for the first 6 months, after those 6 months you will need to think about a cot or cot bed.

Check out Tutti Bambini - Cozee next to me cribs; this one can even extend to a bed. 


Car seat 

Regardless of having a car or not, you will need a car seat to bring the baby out of the hospital. Hospitals generally will not let you leave without a car seat. 

Most Pram bundles include car seats but if buying on its own be sure to check out Maxi Cosi or Cybex over on Baby Planet. 


Prams/Travel Systems 

A new set of wheels, no matter where you live there is a pram/stroller for you. Check out the Buggy track at the show with Project Baby for all the latest models and try before you buy. Don't forget to look out for the show deals and pram bundles.  


Breast Pump

With so many pumps on the market, it's difficult to know which one will suit you most. Think about what your day-to-day activities look like when the baby arrives, do you need a pump that fits in your bra and you can pump on the go? Or are you looking for just very occasional pumping and maybe a more manual pump will suit your budget and life more? 



Even if you are planning on feeding it is super handy to have a few bottles on hand for your partner to be able to help spread the load. You might want to decide which bottles you use depending on the pump you choose. MAM Baby and Tommee Tippee both do great bottle bundles. 



Somewhere to sterilise bottles or soothers/dummies anything that is going in your baby's mouth should be sterilised first. Milton is the queen of all things sterilising. But other brands at the show sell sterilisers too. 


Baby Monitor

A baby monitor can bring peace of mind when you're having a cup of tea in a different room from where your baby is sleeping. You can just check in and keep an eye on them. You can go as simple or as fancy as you like on monitors from just a simple radio monitor to an all singing, all dancing monitor with breathing monitoring functions. Nanit will be at the show with their monitor that can promise a good night's sleep in the comfort that your baby is being well-watched. 


Changing Bag 

Leaving the house will never be the same, you will no longer just leave with your phone and keys. You need bottles, nappies, wipes, spare clothes and a mountain of snacks and you will need a bag to be able to carry the load. Our top tip is to think of plenty of pockets. Finnson is a very popular favourite of ours. 



Bouncers/swings are a great place to put the baby down to have 5 minutes to yourself or just to get some bits done around the house. BabyBjorns' Bliss bouncer is a self-motion bouncer 0-3 years you can find them over on BabyPlanet. 


Baby Carrier 

Baby Wearing is such a special moment in your baby's and your bonding experience, visit Najell at the show to try on their amazing carriers. 


Maternity clothing 

Something for you: Maternity/post-natal clothing be sure to check out Seraphine for that special outfit to make you feel a little more like you, check out Natal Active for all your pre/post-natal activewear. 


Make sure to preorder your goody bag to read our latest edition of Project Baby Magazine.

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