Top Five Tips from Midwife Pip Davies


04 Apr 2022

Top Five Tips from Midwife Pip Davies

Pip Davies
Top Five Tips from Midwife Pip Davies

Guest speaker, Midwife Pip, who will be joining us at The Baby Show 13-15 May, NEC, Birmingham has worked closely with hundreds of women who have given birth abdominally and has shared her five'top tips with us.

1 in 4 women in the UK give birth by Caesarean Section, either planned or un-planned'Caesarean births can be incredibly positive and empowering'experiences. You cannot fail at birth and giving birth through major abdominal surgery is one of the bravest things a woman can do as a mother in ensuring her child is brought safely into the world. Women are true warriors.'

Here are Midwife Pip's'top tips to recovery

  • Don't be afraid to move! Post Caesarean section you should aim to start moving around 8-12 hours post birth and gentle movement is really important in supporting your recovery as it helps to reduce post-surgery complications such as blood clots or constipation. You won't be walking miles but regular steps around your room will really help.
  • Remember your pain killers. Often we forget that a Caesarean section is in fact major abdominal surgery, this means pain is an inevitable side effect in the short term. Taking pain killers will allow you to recover more comfortably and to enjoy your little one in those precious first days. It is a sensible idea to stagger when you take analgesia as remember you will likely need it during the day time and the night time for all of those night feeds.
  • Adopt your breastfeeding positions. If you choose to breastfeed your baby you may find sitting upright with your baby across your stomach a little uncomfortable at the start so try lying on your side on a bed with baby led next to you instead until your wound feels more comfortable.
  • Once your wound dressing is removed around day 5, have a good look at it- it really is never as scary as your think and the scar will usually be very neat and discreet. Looking at your wound regularly allows you to notice any possible early signs of a developing infection like oozing, excessive redness or an offensive smell. Treating any complications quickly will allow for a smoother recovery.
  • Nutrition and hydration! Not only are you caring for your baby and healing from pregnancy but also from a surgical birth. Providing your body with the energy and nutrients to repair and heal will help your postpartum recovery. Think about protein sources to support muscle and tissue repair, fibre to prevent constipation and the need to strain when going to the toilet and hydration! If your breastfeeding remember this is extra thirsty work and will burn 300-500 extra calories a day.

I hope these tips help support a smooth post birth recovery for you, remember to be kind to your body as it heals and tell yourself daily how incredible you are!


More about Midwife Pip'

Pip is an experienced, practicing Midwifery Sister, MSc graduate, founder of Midwife Pip Podcast, Hypnobirth and Antenatal Educator, co- author of published research and importantly a mum.

Pip is on a mission to ensure all expectant and new mums feel like superwoman during pregnancy and when they give birth. Pip believes passionately that with the right support, honest and evidence-based information all birth should be positive regardless of any twists and turns that may crop up. For this reason, Pip begun her Instagram page @midwife_pip followed by her online courses where she is on hand to support and guide women through all aspects of pregnancy, birth, and the early postpartum every step of the way.

Frustrated by seeing families poorly equipped with conflicting, inaccurate, or unrealistic advice and information Pip decided this was not good enough. Pip is proud of how her Your Pregnancy Journey Course has momentously improved women's pregnancy experiences as well as running her Antenatal Courses to ensure women and families are prepared with the very best information for their birth and start to parenthood.' Friendly, non-judgemental advice and all with the benefit of exclusive community support groups.

Pip is here to create empowered, positive experiences for all!



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