Pre and Postnatal Nutrition

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Pre and Postnatal Nutrition

03 Mar 2023

The food we eat and how we live impacts our health throughout life. For some couples, becoming pregnant is relatively straightforward, while others find it takes a bit of time.

For all couples, optimizing nutrition while trying to conceive helps to ensure the best possible nutritional start to pregnancy. Your body is working overtime in pregnancy to help your little one grow and provide a comfortable home for them over the next nine months. During this crucial period, pregnancy hormones cause your body to go through a whole raft of changes, such as loosened joints and ligaments and larger breasts, and you may experience a range of symptoms.

You may veer from feeling excitement one moment to being filled with worry, especially when it comes to looking after your body and your baby. All of these changes can make this time of transition a challenging one that’s often underestimated. So i'll uncover some of hte key aspects in pregnancy through each trimester, looking at the key changes your body goes through, right up until the birth, and how your baby grows and develops.

Rhiannon Lambert, Registered Nutritionist - Rhitrition
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