Rebook ExCeL London

Rebook ExCeL London

Dear Exhibitor,

I’m pleased to relay that bookings are now open for The Baby Show with Lidl GB 2025!

Be the first to confirm your preferred location and take advantage lower onsite re-booking rates.

Following the last day of The Baby Show with Lidl GB 2024, rates will automatically increase 5% to participate in next year’s event. We offer a 14-day cooling-off period. This means you can re-book now and at the event, without incurring a penalty charge should you wish to cancel within the cooling-off period. The team will be coming around to discuss options with you and you can book your preferred options digitally through Docusign on I-Pads:



Keep Your Same Stand for The Baby Show with Lidl GB at ExCeL London 2025

  • If you are happy with your location and the size of your stand then the team can book you in for the same stand.


Move Locations with the Same Size Stand

  • If you would like to book your current location but explore alternative positions
    •  Then you can add up to three alternative stand numbers/locations you are interested in taking for the next event. Following the cool-off period, a member of The Baby Show Team will be in touch to run through the option/s and book your preferred stand.
    • If all of your preferred locations are not available, a member of The Baby Show Team will be in contact to discuss other options.
    • Please note, that if we are unable to find you a suitable alternative stand position, you will be contracted to the event for your current space.


Change locations and/or Change the Size of Your Stand

  • You can secure the lower rebook rate by selecting the minimum stand space required
  • Log your preferences as for stand size, dimensions, and open sides.
  • Request up to 3 stand choices from the floorplan.
    • After cooling off we will let you know, which available stands are most suitable for you and if the stand has the same minimum space as previously selected then we can book you in.
    • If your preferred stand is larger or with different number of open sides, then we’ll send you a fresh Docusign with rebook rates for you to secure your new location

Many thanks and we look forward to working together for The Baby Show with Lidl GB at ExCeL London 2025.

Best wishes,


Mallory Reynolds-Trout

The Baby Show Show Manager

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