Celebrate your pregnancy with a bespoke sculpture

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Celebrate your pregnancy with a bespoke sculpture

Celebrate your pregnancy with a bespoke sculpture

I’m Rosie, a mum of two boys, embracing the chaos that comes with that. I set up Mumento because I believe every woman should be able to celebrate their pregnancy.

I love what I do, meeting mums to be who are so excited for what’s to come and seeing everyone’s beautiful shape come to life before my eyes in a forever keepsake.

I've priced these sculptures as affordably as I can because they're such a powerful piece of art to own. 

It's easy to get your sculpture:

  • First there's a posing session, where we'll go through some poses and find what feels comfortable. 
  • I'll use a 3D scanner to capture you exactly as you are and process that into a model 
  • You can choose your favourite model and have it made into your sculpture
  • There's a few finishes and sizes to choose from to make sure your sculpture fits with your aesthetic 
  • I'll 3D print and then finish your sculpture by hand 
  • You'll have a sculpture that I promise you will treasure for a lifetime. 

It will be me you’ll speak to coordinating when your session, I’ll be running the posing and scanning session, then I’m the one who hand finishes it and sends it back to you.

I’m so passionate about creating these beautiful sculptures and if you have any questions or just want to chat please do- I’m on rosie@mumento.uk

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