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29 Apr 2023



FOLDiMATs is the first foldable playmat in the UK that’s high quality, super supportive and even better, it’s stylish too. Our designs have been created in house and carefully selected to make sure they are contemporary and on trend to fit beautifully within our customers homes. There has been a big movement with beautiful wooden toys hitting our market and our play mats definitely compliment this style.

When we had our little ones, people said ‘say goodbye to your beautiful home’. We wanted to prove them wrong! Being 2 new mums from an interior and childcare background we wanted to make sure our identity and style were still in our homes but also making sure we had a safe and fun place for play, this is where FOLDiMATS were born.

Our most unique feature is that they are foldable. We wanted to give our customers choice. Leave out and admire or fold away when the kids are in bed, no rolling or breaking apart. They come in a handy carry case making them easy to store away or transport. We have 8 beautiful designs in our collection and all of our play mats are reversible. They are supportive and soft making safety our priority, you can drop an egg on it and it won’t crack! They have also been tested to the highest standards making sure no nasties.

We recently won best online business in Enfield and are featuring in Vogue. We have been trading for only 10 months and we have had so much interest and amazing reviews. One being from a mum with a son with spina bifida and another with autism, both stating that our play mats have helped with mobility. Our play mats have also been loved by celebs such as Olivia Bowen and Billie Shepherd.

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