Join the Gut Health Movement: BioGaia Brings Innovative Probiotics to The Baby Show!

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20 Feb 2024

Join the Gut Health Movement: BioGaia Brings Innovative Probiotics to The Baby Show!

BioGaia UK
Join the Gut Health Movement: BioGaia Brings Innovative Probiotics to The Baby Show!

As parents and parents-to-be gather at The Baby Show, BioGaia, a trusted leader in gut health solutions, is proud to present its acclaimed range of probiotics, including BioGaia Protectis Baby Drops and Protectis Tablets for kids. With a proven track record in the UK market, these products continue to provide essential support for digestive health from infancy through adulthood.


BioGaia Protectis Baby Drops have long been a staple for parents seeking gentle yet effective solutions to nurture their little one's gastrointestinal health. Clinically proven to ease colic, increase bowel movements, and reduce regurgitations, these drops offer much-needed relief for both babies and caregivers alike. "We're delighted to showcase BioGaia Protectis Baby Drops once again at The Baby Show," says Steven Hicks, UK Director at BioGaia. "Their continued popularity speaks volumes about their efficacy and the trust families place in BioGaia's commitment to digestive wellness."


As children grow, BioGaia Protectis Tablets provide a seamless transition, delivering the same benefits in a convenient chewable form. Suitable for ages 3 years to adulthood, these tablets maintain digestive health, increase bowel movements, and ease abdominal discomfort. "Our presence at The Baby Show allows us to reaffirm our dedication to supporting families at every stage of life," adds Steven Hicks. "Whether it's infancy or adulthood, BioGaia is here to promote lifelong gut health."


The Protectis Baby Drops are also available with the additional recommended dose of vitamin D. They are proven to help maintain both digestive health and normal function of the immune system. With years of success in the UK market, both Protectis Baby Drops and Protectis Tablets for kids continue to be safe and reliable choices for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. "We understand the evolving needs of families," states Steven Hicks. "That's why BioGaia remains committed to providing innovative solutions that prioritise both gut health and overall well-being."


Proven health benefits...


Eases colic. Soothe baby’s suffering during colic. 


Increases bowel movements. BioGaia’s baby drops encourage a healthier number of bowel movements for little guts.


Reduces regurgitations. Baby’s tummies are sensitive - these drops help food and drink go down easier.


As your little one grows, they can switch to BioGaia’s Protectis Tablets for kids - suitable from 3 years to adulthood! Much like the baby drops, these chewable tablets contain the bacteria strain L reuteri DSM 17938, keeping their maturing microbiomes healthy and balanced. They have been clinically proven to:


Maintain digestive health. Even in older children, sometimes food needs a little encouragement to go down.


Increase bowel movements. These tablets help both children and adults have healthy, regular bowel movements.


Ease abdominal pain. Looking after your microbiome can help tackle problems like pain in your abdomen.


Visit BioGaia at The Baby Show to rediscover their trusted probiotics and learn how they can enhance your family's digestive health journey. Together, let's reaffirm our commitment to the Gut Health Movement and embrace a future of vitality and wellness.


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