Najell Pregnancy Pillow Awarded Baby Product of the Year 2021

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Najell Pregnancy Pillow Awarded Baby Product of the Year 2021

Najell Pregnancy Pillow Awarded Baby Product of the Year 2021

<a href="">Najell Pregnancy Pillow Awarded Baby Product of the Year</a>

Together The Swedish toy & Baby Association and The Swedish industry organization for baby products and toys, award prizes for the Children and Baby Products of the Year. The award is divided into 4 categories: Safety, Baby on the go, Environment and Care, and finally Nurse/Sleep. The jury consists of both industry parties and parents. And this year’s winner of the Nurse/Sleep category is The Najell Pregnancy Pillow.

The Najell Pregnancy Pillow is a unique and flexible pregnancy pillow with a nursing pillow integrated. It’s easily adjusted by tightening the knot, allowing it to be softer or harder when needed. Furthermore, its soft filling and shape is designed to accommodate the contours of a pregnant body, relieving the legs and back. Inside are two smaller nursing pillows that create the longer pregnancy pillow, offering the baby support post birth.

“We are extremely pleased with this award. It feels great to be able to make life easier and more convenient for all the pregnant mothers out there. It’s important to treat yourself to the best before life changes completely.” says Niklas Najafi Kristensen, founder and CEO of Najell

The jury’s motivation reads:

Reinventing something as established as the pillow concept can’t be easy. Many previous attempts to revolutionize the breastfeeding pillow have resulted in something that used to be simple just becoming more complicated. With their pregnancy pillow, Najell has succeeded in creating something as unusual as a hybrid product whose existence actually has a point.

It may not sound enticing, but two sausages in a third sausage is exactly what the Najell Pregnancy Pillow is all about. For the heavy tummy and aching back of pregnancy, the large, long pillow can provide excellent support during the night, as well as being easily adjustable in firmness. And its filling is ingeniously made up of two other smaller pillows.

Once the baby has arrived, the Najell Pregnancy Pillow can be used for support at feeding time. Either use the whole large pillow or you can pick out the two smaller ones from the long case. One of them is more elongated, the other thick and short. This way, every breastfeeding or bottle-feeding parent can find exactly the support that suits them best from one product. The Najell Pregnancy Pillow is so clever in its simplicity, that it’s hard to understand why it hasn’t existed before.

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