Najell Wrap Awarded Baby Product of the Year 2019

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Najell Wrap Awarded Baby Product of the Year 2019

Najell Wrap Awarded Baby Product of the Year 2019

<a href="">Najell Wrap Awarded Baby Product of the Year</a>

Each year, The Swedish toy & Baby Association, the Swedish industry organization for baby products and toys, awards prizes children and baby products of the year. The award can be divided into 4 categories Safety, Baby on the go, Environment and Care and finally Nurse/Sleep. The jury consists of parties from the industry and parents that are not part of the industry. This year’s winner of the category Baby on the go is Najell Wrap.

Najell Wrap is a pre-tied baby wrap that you put on like a sweater and then just place your baby inside.

“We are incredibly excited about this award, which symbolizes an appreciation for the work we do to make it more accessible and easy for both moms and dads to carry their children,” says Niklas Najafi Kristensen at Najell

The jury’s motivation reads:

“Being able to carry your baby close is highly appreciated by many parents. And the market is full of options of baby carriers, wraps and other carrying alternatives. A wrap is often claimed to be the most cozy and comfortable way to carry a baby. But it is not uncommon for new parents to be afraid of making mistakes and reluctant to try.

Many have therefore tried to get to the completely tie-free wrap, and finally the Swedish company Najell has succeeded. Wrap is an all-in-one solution, combining the closeness of a wrap with the simplicity of a baby carrier. It even works as a t-shirt that you never have to take off. The well thought out details make it childishly easy to get the baby up on the chest and have your hands free for everything else in life which is also important.

The time you can use the Najell Wrap may be relatively short compared to some other carriers. But during the time that the Wrap is in use, it is brilliant. During that period of life, when a (sleepless) week can feel like a year. Then every product like Najell Wrap makes life a little easier and is truly worth its weight in gold. ”

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