NEW MuslinZ Sensory Range - Made for your baby with love.

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11 Feb 2022

NEW MuslinZ Sensory Range - Made for your baby with love.

NEW MuslinZ Sensory Range - Made for your baby with love.
MuslinZ Sensory Muslins
NEW MuslinZ Sensory Range - Made for your baby with love.

In addition to the very popular MuslinZ monochrome leopard print, used by many parents as a sensory muslin to stimulate their newborns,  a new sensory collection has been designed. Perfect for visual development.

Sensory Muslins are good for your baby and monochrome is on trend !

Monochrome colours are on definitely trend! But we designed the MuslinZ Sensory range in black and white because they are more than just a fashion trend. A whole heap of research has been made available suggesting that your newborn baby will benefit from black and white sensory stimulation.

Newborn babies vision develops over the first few months. Up to around one month a baby can focus on shapes nearby and are not able to see colours.  Babies colour perception and general vision develops between 2-4 months and by 5 months they will see the full spectrum of colours.  So just after birth, your baby will only focus on the edges of objects (where the contrast is greatest). Black and white colours have the highest levels of contrast and are particularly easy for your baby to see.

If you think your baby is just lying passively, think again! In fact, whilst your baby is awake, there is a lot of learning and brain development taking place. So, as your baby’s brain is constantly developing, and during this period of rapid brain growth, your little one needs your support and simulation.

Using black and white patterns provide your baby with stimulation for the early stages of their eye development. Babies love looking at high-contrast black-and-white patterns which stand out and helps them with attention and focus.

The New MuslinZ Sensory range offers your newborn baby the right kind of visual stimulation which supports their optic nerve development (sight) and encourages your baby to focus. The sensory black and white images assist your baby’s eye muscles and their brain to coordinate and function properly.


Tummy Time with some visual stimulation

Did you know that you can use our large MuslinZ 120cms swaddle as a play matt for tummy time?

You probably know that babies need tummy time. Tummy time is important for your baby’s development as it strengthens their back and chest muscles which is a great preparation for rolling over and crawling.

Although tummy time is great for your baby, we understand that it could sometimes feel quite frustrating at times. Our New MuslinZ Sensory range provide you with a great way to extend tummy time as it offers visual stimulation with bold contrast black and white colours. Using engagement with contrasting images and patterns can boost your little one to focus and learn.

Our New MuslinZ Sensory range is designed to provide you with an excellent way to bond, engage and interact with your baby. Black and White high contrast patterns will stimulate your baby’s vision and enable exploration. Now you can make Tummy Time fun and interactive for your newborn baby.


The muslins can be used as normal for swaddling, feeding cover up, burp cloth, general mopping up and as a comforter. The 70cms sizing can also be used as a cloth nappy. Now, in addition to all these uses, the multi-functional sensory range can be used as a stimulating visual aid. Used as playmat cover for tummy time,  drape over a cot or pram side or hang in babies view. It will engage, entertain and help baby in their visual development and still be able to mop up that little dribble !


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