Winter Stroll

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Winter Stroll

Winter Stroll

Get ready to stroll into winter! YOYO2 stroller, equipped with its winter accessories, explores colder horizons.These accessories enable the whole family to brave the coldest time of the year together: a cozy footmuff for the little one, handy mittens for the parents, and skis to overcome any snowy landscapespeacefully.


YOYO mittens

BABYZEN unveils a winter essential accessory, designed so that parents keep their hands warm. In cold weather, YOYO mittens attach to the handlebar and allows parents to stroll while freeing up their hands easily to take care of their little ones. Added bonus: parents’ hands will stay dry thanks to the mittens’ water-repellent finish whether it rains or snows!


YOYO skis

An additional original accessory designed by BABYZEN: YOYO skis clip on YOYO’s frontwheels in one click, no adjustment is needed. The stroller slides even more easily on the snow. Made in ultra-resistant polyamide material, the skis will allow families to stroll through many winters.

With these accessories, strolling with YOYO becomes easy and handy in cities as well as in nature, making every ride warm and cozy.With the same unique folding and unfolding system, YOYO2 remains compact even when equipped with winter accessories.


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