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Baby Clothes Keepsake Bear

Tracy's Treasured Keepsakes

 Choose a selection of your favourites, check out the clothing tab to ensure you send enough items base on the size you choose. If you are sending premature or tiny baby sizes you will need to send a few extras to be sure we have enough.
You can always send us instructions of which clothes to use first and we will do our best to include them as you wish.


The Keepsake Bear is available in 3 different sizes,
Mini - approx. 18-20cms we recommend 3-4 items of baby clothes for this size.
Standard - approx. 28-30cms from its sitting position we recommend 5-7 items of baby clothes.
Large - approx. 33-35cms from its sitting position, we recommend 8-10 items of baby clothes.​

All Keepsake Bears and animals are stuffed with polyester Fibre. Do not machine wash your keepsake, sponge clean ONLY. As they are made from your pre-loved clothing they can not be CE tested and therefore come with the following warning: This is for Display Only and is not suitable for persons under the age of 14 years.


  • Fourth Trimester (0-3 months)
  • 3-6 months
  • 6-12 months
  • 12+ months
  • ExCeL
  • Sustainable
  • Made in Britain
  • Accessories
  • Clothing (Baby & Toddler)
  • Furnishing (Nursery)
  • Gifts
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