My Expert Midwife On-demand Foundation Antenatal Course  

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04 May 2023

My Expert Midwife On-demand Foundation Antenatal Course  

My Expert Midwife

The on-demand foundation antenatal course was developed midwives, an obstetrician and an anaesthetist to prepare parents-to-be for late pregnancy, labour and birth and postnatal recovery. All information on the course is developed to empower parents-to-be to make their own decisions, with clinically accurate information. The course contains over seven hours of content including 137 key topics that can be accessed at any time and can be paused or repeated.  Content includes the physiological processes of pregnancy, the medical side of pregnancy and birth, and how to navigate the maternity system and also combines practical advice on topics important to parents-to-be. The course also includes exclusive access to our online MEMbers community, a safe space for you to ask questions, chat and help each other, supported by our team of expert midwives. 


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  • Healthcare and Wellbeing
  • First Trimester
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  • Third Trimester
  • NEC
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