Purflo Breath Pregnancy Pillow

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Purflo Breath Pregnancy Pillow

Sleep deprivation and discomfort are one of the most popular ailments during pregnancy. Particularly in the later stages when the bump is bigger and heavier, your back, hips and legs can ache from the strain.

Benefits of using a pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy pillows can help provide some relief when you're resting and sleeping. The Purflo Breathe pregnancy pillow is designed to provide reprieve to those commonly aching joints and provides some cushioned relief.

There are many benefits to using a maternity cushion during pregnancy including promoting blood circulation, preventing joint pain and ultimately, providing better quality sleep.

Better circulation

Pregnant women are advised to sleep on their side to promote better blood circulation. Without a maternity pillow, this can feel uncomfortable and almost impossible.

Helps alleviate back pain

Back pain is common throughout pregnancy due to the ligaments in your body becoming softer and stretching ready for labour. This can make back and pelvic joints feel very painful and strained. The Purflo Breathe Pregnancy Pillow helps support your pelvis, lower back, ankles and knees by snugly curving around your body.

For more information and advice about back pain during pregnancy, visit the'NHS website.

Breathable panels to keep you cool

You may find you constantly feel uncomfortably warm during pregnancy due to carrying your growing baby. This can get particularly troublesome when sat for a long time and also at night. Our Purflo Pregnancy Pillow features a signature mesh panel to aid air circulation providing much-needed ventilation. The cover for our cushion is also fully washable so no need to worry about getting it dirty. Sleep easy away from home

Our pregnancy pillow comes in a handy travel case ideal for use on nights away to help provide a good night's sleep. The travel case also provides a compact storage case to put the pillow away in between pregnancies.

Feeding support and tummy time

The Purflo Breathe Pregnancy Pillow can be used after your baby is born to provide support when bottle or breastfeeding. Feeding when holding your baby can increase strain on the neck and shoulders so using our pillow can alleviate those pressures. The mesh breathable panel is located to provide ventilation where the baby will rest. Another handy use of our maternity cushion is for supporting the baby during tummy time.



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