SilverGuard Supima Cotton Fitted Cot Bed Sheet

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SilverGuard Supima Cotton Fitted Cot Bed Sheet


SilverGuard Supima Cotton Fitted Cot Bed Sheet

  • Supima® Cotton: all our bedding products are made using soft, dense and absorbent Supima® cotton for its premium quality and plush feel.
  • IONIC+ Antimicrobial Protection: the bed linen is made using a blend of Supima® and IONIC+ silver thread. The IONIC+ silver works to prevent the growth of bacteria, making the bed environment a safer and cleaner place in between laundering.
  • Healthier Skin: the same technology tackles redness and skin irritations by eliminating the bacteria that can cause acne breakouts on the skin.
  • Thermoregulating: single-ply Supima® allows airflow and breathability. This is further enhanced by the thermoregulating properties of the silver, allowing for sleep at the ideal temperature, every night, all year round.
  • Fit: wider grippier elastic to secure sheets and prevent movement during the night.

Baby Awards 2022

In the 2022 SilverGuard's Supima Cotton Fitted Cot Bed Sheet has won:

  • Bambini Baby Awards: Gold for Best Nursery Bedding
  • Organic Baby Awards: Gold for Best Gift Innovation
  • Organic Baby Awards: Silver for Best Bedding
  • Organic Baby Awards: Silver for Best Nursery Accessory


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