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The Sleep App by The Sleep Nanny® is your solution to getting babies and children sleeping happily and healthily, giving them the best start in life. Suitable for supporting sleep from birth to 10 years.

The app provides the tools and education to empower parents with a strategy they can tailor to their unique needs and it’s accessible anytime and anywhere right from your device!

It’s 3am and you have run out of ideas to get your little one back to sleep…just open the app and the answers are there. Along with a community chat channel where you can get support from fellow parents and expert sleep coaches.

No more stress over sleep training. The Sensory Sleep™ Methodology is all about developing healthy sleep for the whole family, using science combined with soul to lovingly guide and support that development at the right pace and taking into consideration the unique personality and learning style of every individual.

You'll find sleep assessments that will tell you the best way to approach parenting with your child's sleep as well as understand how their personality requires a certain style of parenting.

Discover how much sleep your little one really needs at every age and development stage and take the quiz to see if your little one is hitting these targets.

No more nap battles! The app will show you how to navigate naps and the transitions at every stage.

School age children will find the benefits of healthy sleep impact their social and academic performance so get them excited with the app as their guide.

Use tracking tools to monitor your progress with:

  • Bedtimes
  • Night Wakings
  • Total Sleep
  • Nap Timing and Duration

Sleep deprivation leads to serious illness as well as breakdowns in mental wellbeing, realationships, workplace performance and safety. As a parent, sorting sleep in your household is essential as a caregiver as well as to start children off on a healthy, happy path for life.

The Sleep App is brought to you by The Sleep Nanny®'s Lucy Shrimpton. A mother of two, sleep strategist and positive psychology coach. After a decade of supporting thousands of parents around the world with her best selling book, podcast, sleep coaching and online programs, Lucy has nailed what it takes to communicate exactly what parents need in order to improve sleep and put it into an easy to navigate app to have at your fingertips.



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