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The Sleep Nanny System Book

The Sleep Nanny

Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep has a significant impact on our health both physically and mentally. 

To instil a healthy relationship with sleep from the start with babies and young children, not only aids their brain development, immune system and general health but also sets them up for better sleep in adulthood and ultimately a happier and more successful future!

The Sleep Nanny® System provides simple education and proven steps to follow while tailoring these to the unique personalities and dynamics of every family.

This sleep development philosophy which creates a sustainable, secure attachment is presented to you by sleep coaching expert and mother of two, Lucy Shrimpton who has helped thousands of families around the world to develop a healthier sleep etiquette over the past decade and trained hundreds of sleep consultants in more than 20 countries to coach the families who need that added level of support.

Lucy simplifies the science and combines this with the soulful reality of parenting to bring you a customisable solution for healthy sleep and a happy, thriving family life.


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