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Swaddle Bag

Our Swaddle to Sleep Bag has been specially designed to provide a safe alternative to using swaddle blankets and loose bedding.

Benefits of Swaddling with our swaddle bag

Swaddling is proven to calm and soothe babies and help them sleep for longer. Recent studies have found that swaddling leads to infants having a quieter and longer sleep along with more stable heart rates. Traditionally, a baby is swaddled using a blanket however, this can lead to developmental issues in bones such as hip dysplasia. These issues are eliminated when using our Swaddle to Sleep Bags as they have been designed to allow healthy movement of baby's hips so they can kick and wriggle. Our Swaddle to Sleep Bag has been certified hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute so you can rest assured baby's hips are safe in our sleep bag.

Arms In or Out

It is tricky to get swaddling with a blanket right ' it can't be too tight and it can't be too loose or it will come undone. This is where our Swaddle to Sleep Bag comes in handy. The sleeves on our sleep bag popper shut so the baby's arms can be safely tucked inside giving the same benefits of swaddling, without all the fuss. It is impossible to know whether any baby will prefer to be swaddled or not, that's why our sleep bag gives you the option. The poppered sleeves also provide the ability for the baby to gradually grow out of swaddling by allowing one arm to be swaddled and one arm out, then eventually, both arms out.

All Seasons Tog'

The 2.5 tog is perfect for all-season use, allowing parents to tailor the garments underneath to suit the temperature. The All Seasons Swaddle to Sleep Bag features the addition of a sustainable and hypoallergenic filling that reduces the build-up of allergy-inducing mites and bacteria.

Summer Tog

Get set for summer sleep time with our 0.5 tog Swaddle to Sleep Bag! We know that during the hotter temperatures it can be difficult to know how best to dress your little one for bedtime, that's why our 0.5 tog swaddle to sleep bag is designed to help take away the confusion. It's designed with large breathable mesh panels to help air flow easily around your baby keeping them cool, whilst still giving them that comforting feeling that swaddling has. This Lightweight version is perfect for room temperatures of 18c to 27c, and comes with a what-to-wear guide so you know exactly how to dress your little one.


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