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The Teatle Baby Bottle

The Teatle

Discover the future of baby bottles! 


The Teatle is a revolutionary baby bottle built with the REALATCH™ technology which is the closest design to a natural breast ever made to date. Its super-soft, breast-shaped nipple allows a comfortable and instinctive latch, more similar to a natural breast than any other baby bottle around. The Teatle is an invaluable tool for parents wanting a smoother and easier transition from breast to bottle or simply a more natural alternative to conventional baby bottles.


Key Features of the Teatle


· Super soft and natural-shaped nipple made with REALATCH™ technology

· More similar to a natural breast for a more comfortable latch

· Easier transition from breast to bottle

· Very effective anti-colic valve

· Very easy to use because made of 3 pieces only

· Can be sterilized in microwave and steam sterilisers 

· Large bottle 200ml

· 2 flow options: slow (0-3 months) and fast (3+ months)

· Sturdy and durable

· High quality and safe materials BPA, PVC, Phthalate Free

· Made in the UK


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