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25 Apr 2023

The Wave Comb

The Naked Doula
  • The Wave Comb
  • The Wave Comb
  • The Wave Comb
The Wave Comb The Wave Comb The Wave Comb

The Wave Comb is made from sustainable, waterproof, splinter-free peach wood and can be used during childbirth as a tool to help you cope with pain. Find your inner power and be in control; remove the fear of pain with The Wave Comb.

How Does it Work?
The gate control theory states that your brain can only focus on a few sensations at the same time. By squeezing the comb into your palm it acts as a distraction, diverting your brain so your body can adjust to the pain.

When gripped in your hands a comb can help hit acupressure points such as the Lao Gong. Acupressure applies the same principal as acupuncture but does not penetrate your skin

This is also the perfect 'baby shower gift’ something that could be bought for a friend to help them during labour to help ease a loved one's pain


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