Top 5 Sleep Tips for You and Your Newborn with Andrea Grace

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Top 5 Sleep Tips for You and Your Newborn with Andrea Grace

Top 5 Sleep Tips for You and Your Newborn with Andrea Grace

Top Sleep Tips for Newborns 

  • In the first few weeks, feed on demand and respond lovingly to your baby’s appetite. Both formula fed and breast fed babies sleep better after lots of cuddles and a full tummy. “Cluster feeding” in the evening if you are breastfeeding helps your baby to settle well during the night, as towards the end of the day, your milk high levels of tryptophan, an essential amino acid which helps them to sleep!
  • Allow your new baby to experience the difference between night and day by emphasising light and dark. This will encourage the production of sleep hormones and set their circadian clock.
  • Remember to “wind” your baby well after the final feed to avoid later tummy ache. Whilst you are “winding,” introduce a familiar bedtime song or poem which will become a sleep cue.
  • Try whenever possible to put your baby into the cot sleepy but still awake. It is important that babies know they are in the cot as they fall asleep otherwise when they wake later, they feel upset about no longer being in your arms.
  • When your baby starts to recognise the difference between night and day [6-12 weeks] introduce a lovely consistent bedtime routine. A familiar series of steps leading up to bedtime will help them to feel both sleepy and safe.


Top Sleep Tips for You After Birth 

  • Just after giving birth, your reproductive hormones, oestrogen and progesterone fall dramatically. This hormonal change can affect your sleep.
  • Having interrupted nights, caring for a baby ALSO affects your sleep.
  • Babies’ sleep patterns tend to follow the mother’s circadian rhythm in the early days. So it is good and also very natural to sleep close to your baby. A bedside cot or crib will be really helpful here.
  • Your baby will sleep a lot at first but it will often be light sleep in short bursts. For the sake of your own health, try and sleep whenever they do.
  • Share the care of your baby with your partner, family and close friends. Don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Eat delicious and nourishing food.
  • Nurture yourself and don’t turn down offers of help!




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