The Ultimate Money Saving Tips For New Parents

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The Ultimate Money Saving Tips For New Parents

The Ultimate Money Saving Tips For New Parents

If there’s one thing all people know, it’s that parenting is not cheap. But there are many ways to keep costs down. We’ve called on the parenting experts from the UK’s leading pregnancy and parenting event – The Baby Show which returns to Birmingham in May and Manchester in June – to share their top tips on how to save a few quid when you’ve got a baby on the way – or a sprog very much here and kicking.

  • Reuse, reuse, reuse

Reusable nappies are not only much kinder to the environment but also to the bank balance. Midwife Pip says: “Think about reusable options. Things like wipes and breast pads start to add up so switching to reusable, washable options can make some impressive savings whilst also being great environmental swaps.”

Alison Potter, Baby & Child Expert at Which? says: “Reusable nappies have a higher upfront cost than disposable nappies, but they work out cheaper in the long term, particularly if you use them for more than one child. In 2021, the government’s money advice service estimated an overall saving of £1,475 over the first two and half years if you switched to reusable. And, if you take good care of them, you can also resell them on sites like Vinted and Gumtree, or local Facebook groups.”

  • Make the most of discounts

Sign up to parenting clubs so you’re alerted as soon as any big discounts on your favourite brands become available. Mallory Reynolds-Trout, Show Manager at The Baby Show says: “Follow your favourite companies on Instagram so you can jump on any flash sales and if you’re going to shopping events like The Baby Show, buy tickets nice and early so you can get a good % off rather than on the door.”

  • Buy products that will last a lifetime

There are so many products that you can buy that will grow with your child. For example, Stokke is the lux Norwegian nursery brand which has created the Tripp Trapp high chair and the Sleepi crib which you can change as your little one needs it.

Midwife Pip says: “Make sure your bigger items like cots and highchairs will grow with your child so you don't need to buy again later on. Cots that convert into cot beds and toddler beds and highchairs that convert into toddler chairs are great examples.”

  • Create your very own Babysitters Club

Depending on where you live, babysitters can cost up to £20 an hour – add that to the cost of dinner, drinks or whatever you’re going out to do that night and you’ll be opting for yet another, cosy night in! Heidi Skudder from Positively Parenthood says: “Save money on babysitting costs by asking friends or family members to help out for a few hours. We are so bad at asking for help in today’s world, that we forget that often, friends and family are really happy to help out. As a mother of three, I have had to teach myself to be ok with asking for a few hours of babysitting here or there from friends or family. I still don’t always love asking, but it saves hiring a nanny or babysitter and almost all of the time, your friends or family are honoured to be asked!”


  • Keep things simple

Lucy Shrimpton, Sleep & Wellbeing expert and founder of The Sleep Nanny says: “Don’t over-complicate the nursery unless it brings you joy. Remember your baby won’t care what the nursery looks like at such a young age so keep things simple. Keep the cot safe; save yourself the money you could spend on fancy cot bumpers. Before you buy anything, ask yourself three things:

  • Is it practical?
  • Will it save you time?
  • How long can you use it for? If it’s under a month – or even six months – is there an alternative, cheaper option?


  • Discover the multi-use baby gem

Consider buying multi-use items. For example, Alison Potter from Which? says “There are plenty of pushchairs with seat units that convert into carrycots which tend to be lower in price. You could also invest in a bedside crib that is portable and can compactly fold so it can join you on your travels instead of purchasing a separate travel cot. Or consider investing in a highchair that can convert into a child seat and desk.”

  • Speak to the experts before making any big purchases

You will be bombarded with advice from friends and family, books and influencers about what products you need as a new mum or dad but the best thing to do is to see what you’re missing and what would actually make your life easier. Don’t splurge on an expensive gadget that you’ll never use as you’ll resent it later down the line and speak to the experts at events like The Baby Show who can give you advice, free of charge. Heidi Skudder from Positively Parenthood says: “There are so many snazzy baby products on the market right now, and it is hard to work out which gadgets and gizmos you do and don’t need as a new parent. When it comes to baby sleep, rest assured that your arms, a good quality sleep space (like the Stokke Snoozi) and lots of cuddles are all your baby really needs. There is no need to buy EVERY gadget - wait and see how your baby goes before buying EVERYTHING.”

  • Do your research

Make sure you shop around and try before you buy. At The Baby Show, you can compare lots of different products face to face, try on a range of baby carriers and push buggies and strollers across different terrains on the Buggy Testing Track. Alison Potter from Which? says: “Some products (car seats, pushchairs, carriers) are essential, but there are also lots of items parents said they regretted wasting money on, including nappy disposal bins, baby blenders and bottle warmers.”

The Baby Show with Lidl GB, the UK’s best-loved pregnancy, baby and parenting event returns to the NEC in Birmingham from 10th – 12th May and Manchester Central from 7th – 9th June. Ticket offers are live for both shows, with huge savings available. Buy advance tickets and save over 30% the on the door price, including multi-ticket offers and The Baby Show Goody Bag for only £6 containing products worth over £70.


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