Baby Carriers & Slings

Baby Carriers & Slings

Try, compare and buy a huge range of slings and baby carriers

There are many types of baby carriers to choose from, such as wraps, carriers, and ring slings.

Find the baby carrier that is your perfect fit and easy to use, along with 1,000’s of other products all under one roof.

The right carrier for you and your baby not only depends on your baby’s size and weight but what also you find comfortable to wear, something that’s not easy to discover online!

A huge range of baby carriers will be on show from all the UK's leading brands and retailers. Not only can you view the products, but fitting services are provided so you can find out what is the most comfortable for you!

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"A huge range of baby slings and carriers will be on show

from wraps and carriers to ring slings

with experts on hand to help you make the very best informed choice"


Exhibitors & Brands

See some of the exciting baby sling and carrier brands who have exhibited with us at The Baby Show


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The benefits of slings and baby carriers

baby sling photoBaby slings and carriers are particularly useful if your lifestyle means you like to get out and about.

With baby held closely against your chest or back, you can give them the intimacy of contact they need with the advantage that your hands are free, and there is no buggy or pram to push around in front of you.

Baby carriers make walking round the shops a much easier task, and if you like to cross over rough terrains or stray off the easy path, then you will have no difficulty with baby strapped securely onto your body in a sling, for the first few months at least.

Slings and carriers are very convenient methods of carrying baby around.

Wearing your baby in a baby sling or carrier is a comfortable, practical way of keeping your baby close beside you at all times, while leaving your hands free to attend to the daily activities.

When your baby is newborn he will benefit greatly from continuous close contact with mum or dad in the baby pouch. Keeping your child in a baby sling is ideal for ensuring a comforting quick response when he needs attention.

Baby slings and carriers have been used for centuries as a convenient and pleasurable way to carry baby around, while enabling the carrier to keep a watchful eye on him all the time. Baby carriers also maintain that essential closeness of contact between parent and baby, putting both at ease, and enabling the parent to respond directly to any baby needs.

In some cases breastfeeding can be carried out on the go while baby continues to lie cradled next to the mother's chest in the baby pouch. Some baby carriers enable breastfeeding of baby while others do not make this possible and the carrier has to be taken off before you can breastfeed. When choosing your baby carrier think of your priorities and make sure the new baby sling enables you to carry them out.


Frequently asked questions

Q. Will a wide range of carriers be on show at all of the Baby Shows?

A. Yes!

  • As the UK’s largest baby shows, we will have all the UK's top brands and retailers, meaning you will get the largest possible collection of carriers and slings under one roof.

Q. Can I get help on what is the best carrier for me?

A. Yes!

  • As you are probably aware, there are many types of carrier, and knowing which one is best for you and your baby can be confusing. At the show, experts will be on hand to discuss all the options with you.


Q. Can I try the slings and carriers on?

A. Yes!

  • One of the key benefits to coming to the Baby Show compared to buying online is that many of the retailers and brands offer fitting services, so you can find out which is the very best option and the most comfortable.


Q. Are products more expensive than buying online, or are ‘show discounts’ available?

A. Our retailers and brands are usually very keen to get your business at the show

  • Whilst we cannot guarantee that discounts will be on offer, exclusive show deals are extremely common.


Q. What range of other products are available at the show?

A. There will be a huge range of maternity and baby products, so this is truly your one-stop-shop:

  • Everything from toys to furniture, to buggies and car seats, and much more.



Latest baby carrier & sling related products


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