Ashley Board

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Ashley Board

Ashley Board

Nanny and Childcare Consultant, ExpertParent
Having previously worked as a professional Nanny and Childcare Consultant of 12+ years; Ashley Board has dedicated her life to the passion of helping to raise happy families. Holding a Degree with Child Development and Psychology as well as other specialist childcare qualifications, Ashley is now helping parents on a wider scale through Expert Parent's Online Parenting Courses- educating on all things sleep training, development, weaning, behaviour, everyday care and general parenting. As a parent herself she stands out from other childcare experts- she holds a unique and combined perspective of expertise in hands-on child-raising, development, psychology and parenting itself. Ashley understands the struggles and emotional toll children have on their parents. She can empathise and advise from an unparalleled position. Ashley knows the pitfalls and realities of child-raising- as well as understanding the theory of child development- which allows her to advise, inform and educate parents to empower them to make the best choices when raising their families.

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