Dr Will Dooley

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Dr Will Dooley

Dr Will Dooley

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Doctor, Happy Parents. Happy Baby.
Dr Will spends his life surrounded by babies. He's an obstetric doctor and supports parents on a daily basis to bring their babies into the world. He is also founder of Happy Parents. Happy Baby. Antenatal classes and father of two young daughters. For many people, the first time they meet an obstetrician is during labour and Dr Will is on a mission to change that. He is passionate about helping parents-to-be feel informed and confident whatever birth may bring. Happy Parents. Happy Baby. is a modern antenatal course designed for modern parents. It combines expert teaching from a whole team of experts including a midwife, obstetric doctor, hypnobirthing instructor, paediatric doctor, feeding consultant and first aid teacher, with a social experience designed to help you connect and make friends with other parents-to-be.

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