Dr. Kiran Rahim

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Dr. Kiran Rahim

Dr. Kiran Rahim


Kiran is a NHS Doctor, specialising in baby, child and adolescent health. She has worked across many London Hospitals and uses her own experience as a mother to three children to work in harmony with patients. She created her educational platform on Instagram to provide easy, evidence-based, Tips and Tricks to help parents on the most important journey of their lives. As a mother, Kiran understands the challenges faced by parents of all backgrounds, in particular BAEM parents, who are often under-represented in healthcare. Her goal is to share her knowledge base by providing tips and medical advice in an empathetic and non-judgmental ways well as bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and parents.  Her Instagram account has a wealth of information for parents and she regular hosts child health Q&As to empower parents to understand their childs health better!


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