Jemma Munford

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Jemma Munford

Jemma Munford

Blissed Out Babies

Jem created her business Blissed Out Babies over 6 years ago whilst on maternity leave with her first child with the aim of filling the gap in post-natal support for Mums. An experienced paediatric sleep consultant, peaceful parenting educator and author of The Better Sleep Blueprint, she is passionate about responsive parenting and supporting families to feel confident in their approach to sleep.


As a mother of two (one great sleeper and one terrible sleeper) Jem has experienced many challenges herself including a baby with colic, silent reflux and autoimmune disorder as well as surviving and now thriving as a confident happy mum following her post-natal depression.


Jem works with clients aged 6 months to 6 years and is particularly passionate about the toddler years between 1 & 3. A true ‘sleep geek’, Jemma has completed training with world-renowned experts in sleep and neuroscience such as Lyndsey Hookway and Gordon Neufeld and loves sharing her knowledge to empower parents in understanding development and sleep biology so that sleep is no longer a source of stress, confusion and doubt.


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