Megan Rossiter

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Megan Rossiter

Megan Rossiter

Founder, Birth-Ed

Megan Rossiter, founder of birth-ed, certified midwife and hypnobirthing expert, has spent a decade supporting 1000's of families both in and outside of the maternity system. 

Birth-ed was formed from what started with teaching hypnobirthing on the sofas of local parents-to-be in the evening, and quickly became a full-time job. The birth-ed online course was launched and 1000s of families' lives’ were transformed by this approach to birth prep.

Megan's work with the NHS led to her involvement with some really important projects, such as The Ockenden Review, CQC inspections and local & national maternity improvement projects, but nothing ever matched the impact she had when supporting families directly.

The Birth-ed Method, Not Hypnobirthing, Not Antenatal Classes, Not a Parenting Course... A thorough, holistic, nuanced and empowering preparation for birthing & parenting your babies. 


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