Nicole Ratcliffe

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Nicole Ratcliffe

Nicole Ratcliffe

Founder of Baby2Sleep, Baby2Sleep

Nicole Ratcliffe is the founder of Baby2Sleep and has created a platform where she teaches and educates existing and new parents about normal baby sleep and guides them through their parenting journey to support their baby to sleep well by using responsive and holistic methods that create attachment and cement bonds. Nicole has teamed up with some of the leading experts to raise awareness of some of the very normal, and complex, issues that new parents may face from pregnancy through to parenting. As Nicole’s speciality is sleep, she is passionate about helping you lay positive sleep foundations for the months and years ahead. No two babies are the same and no two journeys are the same so learn about your own unique baby and support them using evidence-based information that feels right for your family. Nicole has been studying, practicing, and supporting families of children from birth to 6 years old with sleep difficulties since 2017 and believes that support needs to start earlier than after the birth when parents are desperately seeking advice in the overwhelming, unregulated, internet. Teaching and educating parents while they are pregnant so they can support their baby while feeling empowered, confident, and prepared.


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