Pip Davies

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Pip Davies

Pip Davies

Midwife Pip (Midwifery Sister)
United Kingdom

Pip is an experienced, practicing Midwifery Sister, MSc graduate, founder of Midwife Pip Podcast, Hypnobirth and Antenatal Educator, co- author of published research and importantly a mum. Pip is on a mission to ensure all expectant and new mums feel like superwoman during pregnancy and when they give birth.

Pip believes passionately that with the right support, honest and evidence-based information all birth should be positive regardless of any twists and turns that may crop up. For this reason, Pip begun her Instagram page @midwife_pip followed by her online courses where she is on hand to support and guide women through all aspects of pregnancy, birth, and the early postpartum every step of the way.

Frustrated by seeing families poorly equipped with conflicting, inaccurate, or unrealistic advice and information Pip decided this was not good enough. Pip is proud of how her Your Pregnancy Journey Course has momentously improved women's pregnancy experiences as well as running her Antenatal Courses to ensure women and families are prepared with the very best information for their birth and start to parenthood. Friendly, non-judgemental advice and all with the benefit of exclusive community support groups.

Pip is here to create empowered, positive experiences for all!


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