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Rachel Fitz-D

Rachel Fitz-D

Baby and Parenting Expert, Rachel Fitz-D Family Matters
United Kingdom

Rachel Fitz-Desorgher is a leading, internationally-known baby and parenting expert and Agony Aunt for Mother & Baby.

Her passionate mission is to RECONNECT women with their innate inner-mother, to REASSURE them that their experiences of mothering their highly-evolved baby and child are both real and universal, and RE-EMPOWER them with practical, effective, and gentle strategies so they can REDISCOVER how to mother confidently. 

As the mother of four sons, and three grandchildren, her knowledge is grounded in her own personal experience and over 30 years' work as a specialist midwife, infant feeding consultant, and parenting consultant. She is the author of the 5-star book Your Baby Skin To Skin and 'Stretched To The Limits: Supporting Women with Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS) Through Pregnancy, Labour, and Postnatally'.

She brings her expansive experience and down-to-earth, practical approach into all her work with women & their families.



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  • New Mum Advice: Three Postnatal Taboos Smashed!

    06 Jan 2023 Rachel Fitz-Desorgher



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