Sophie Burch

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Sophie Burch

Sophie Burch

Pregnancy, Birth, Parenting Mental Health & Wellbeing Expert, The Mamma Coach
United Kingdom

Sophie Burch (aka The Mamma Coach) is a perinatal therapist and coach, mother to 4 boys (including twins) and author and founder of Beyond Birth: Mindful Early Parenting.  Sophie has worked with thousands of people in pregnancy, birth and parenting with a mission to support and guide them through the challenges of this vulnerable, transformative time. 

Sophie uses both her professional and life experiences to empathise with and nurture everyone she works with and takes the view that if we all bring simple, effective mental wellbeing practices into our daily lives, we will be more resilient to the lows and more aware of the joy that life as a parent brings. How we are is how our children will be, and now, more than ever it's vital we take a moment to pause and practice ways to keep our minds at peace and bring increased awareness into everything we do.


Sophie has created Beyond Birth as a Book & Journal, Ebook, Parent Support Groups, and now Mental Wellbeing Practitioner Training which has 200+ practitioners around the world. Sophie believes that if more mental wellbeing practices were introduced in pregnancy and early parenting, within classes and groups, it would become the “norm” more readily and we would see the benefits quickly on over-stretched mental health systems and services too.

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