Reusable Nappies - It Doesn't Have to be All or Nothing


16 Aug 2022

Reusable Nappies - It Doesn't Have to be All or Nothing

The Nappy Den
Lorna Price - The Nappy Den
Reusable Nappies - It Doesn't Have to be All or Nothing

It doesn't have to be all or nothing! This Reusable'Nappy Week (24th April - 1st May) is a great time to start your cloth journey. We asked The Nappy Den founder and reusable nappy guru Lorna Price for her'top five reasons why you should consider giving cloth a go...

1) Can save you money

The average child potty trains around 2.5 years, during that time the you could spend '1000's of pounds on disposable nappies, verses around '400 on a set or reusable nappies.' The reusable nappies can then go on to be used on multiple children if you have more children or be sold on to others.' Most families save around '1000 by using reusable nappies on one child.

2) Is kinder to the environment and the item can be reused many times

A disposable nappy sits in landfill for over 400 years, this in itself is a scary fact, not to mention the process required to manufacture it to start with.' Having nappies in your household significantly increases your daily waste which will then be dumped in landfill.' Around 250 million disposable nappies are thrown in to landfill everyday.' All of those nappies since the disposable nappy started being used in the UK, in the 1980's, are still sitting there in landfill today.' Whilst a reusable does require a manufacturing process too, and water to wash and make, it still far out weighs the process and impact of a disposable.' Washing your nappies at 40 and line drying is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to preserve your washable nappies.

3) Is kinder on babies skin, with no chemicals and can reduce nappy rash and other skin issues

The natural fibres of cloth nappies mean the nappies ar soft and comfortable for baby and let the skin breathe more freely.' Many cloth nappy users report that their babies do not suffer any skin issues and that they do not experience nappy rash at all.' This is mainly due to the air circulation and there being no chemicals next to the skin.

4) Is MUCH much simpler than you imagine, no soaking, scrubbing, just throw in your washing machine

Many new cloth users have images of hours and hours of washing and scrubbing, and in the current world this is simply not the case.' Modern washing machines have developed very far, and a nice long wash on your nappies at 40 degrees will see your nappies thoroughly clean using a non bio detergent.' It really is a couple of extra loads a week, and once you've had your baby you realise you're doing a little more washing anyway.' There is no need for soaking and scrubbing and lengthy processes, modern cloth nappies can fit into any hectic busy lifestyle.

5) It doesn't have to be all or nothing, using one cloth nappy a day can have a huge impact on your household waste

My motto is very much it doesn't have to be all or nothing.' As with most things making a small change can have a big impact, and the same can be said for reusable nappies.' If you swap just one or 2 nappies out of your routine and use a washable you could significantly reduce your household waste.' Take a reusable swimming nappy instead of a disposable or do day time cloth.' Whatever works for you and your family could make a contribution to reducing waste, so why not give it a go today.

Pop by The Nappy Den at The Baby Show NEC, stand XX, to chat further to Lorna about reusable nappy choices, newborn baby bundles, birth to potty nappies and for practical advice on cleaning and looking after your cloth nappies.


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