Better Births London - Midwives in your Pocket

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01 Mar 2024

Better Births London - Midwives in your Pocket

Better Births London
Better Births London - Midwives in your Pocket
"The Midwives in your Pocket"

With over 26 years combined experience in both the NHS and private sectors, midwives Katie and Leila are committed to changing the way the world approaches pregnancy and childbirth - free of judgement, and full of knowledge. Their passion is leaving you feeling empowered, informed, and confident as active participants in your maternity care. Better Births London encourages you to explore your preconceived ideas surrounding birth and parenthood, question your initial birth preferences, and critique the evidence that is out there so that you can achieve a better birth experience. Armed with knowledge and confidence you are empowered to know your options and make positive choices - whatever they might be.

Having started their journey as antenatal educators in 2017, Better Births Antenatal Classes (BBANC) soon evolved into what it is today, Better Births London - a bespoke, 1-2-1, and continuous private support service for those on their journey to parenthood. But what does that actually mean? 

Coined ‘the midwives in your pocket’ by beauty and lifestyle industry experts including Letitia Sophia, Natasha Sandhu and Summer Bianca – just some of the women they have supported – Leila and Katie are there to answer ANY question, 7 days a week. This service compliments your maternity care provider, or antenatal classes. The ‘midwives in your pocket’ subscription is a service like no other, one that has got your back throughout your journey - the most powerful group chat you will ever join!

Ultimately, Katie and Leila, the midwives in your pocket, stand for advocacy, empowerment, and achieving the best possible experience, no matter what that may be. 

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