Introducing Jorgen House - a new concept in maternity movement clothing

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Introducing Jorgen House - a new concept in maternity movement clothing

Jorgen House
Introducing Jorgen House - a new concept in maternity movement clothing
Introducing a new concept in maternity movement clothing

With two young children, Jorgen House Founder, Leah Jorgensen, saw the need for high quality basic life-wear that is marketed towards maternity but engineered to last far beyond that. The designs which support a woman’s fluctuating body shape, also combat the disposable fashion market synonymous with maternity wear, with a range of elevated layers that bend, extend, move and transform with you.

Leah said: “I want to ensure that Jorgen House garments embrace the ever-changing state of the female form, working with it not against it, while ensuring that our impact on the planet is minimal. Women’s bodies are in a state of constant flux and Jorgen House aims to offer comfort, style and support through every stage of womanhood.”

Sustainability is at the heart of Jorgen House, which aims to create clothing that gives more to the planet than it takes away. All garments are made using the highest quality eco and recycled yarns, from organic cottons to regenerated nylon made from waste materials left-over on the factory floor. These pre-consumption waste materials are unusable in any other way and would have otherwise been disposed of. Furthermore, the factory runs on 100% renewable energy and works to sustainable textile production models with respect for both the environment and the people involved throughout the production and supply chain. Jorgen House packaging is also eco-friendly, from the kraft mailer bags to the recycled card swing tickets and organic cotton garment bags printed with soy-based inks.


Kamila, 38 weeks pregnant:
“They’re so comfortable and beautiful. The ribbed material not only gives stretch and support where I need it, but it also feels amazing, and I often just find myself running my hand over it absentmindedly.”

Jess, four months post-partum:
“The fabric’s soft yet supportive and the sports bra just looks great, I wore it with a buttoned- down shirt yesterday to show it off – it’s a bra to be seen! Especially with my c-section scar and ever-changing breasts just after giving birth I really struggled to find comfortable, supportive underwear and I’d have lived in these.”

For more information, images or interviews with Leah, please contact Leah at or call 07503006068

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