Petit Pli's First Trade Show @ The Baby Show

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12 Oct 2023

Petit Pli's First Trade Show @ The Baby Show

Petit Pli

Petit Pli’s first ever trade show presence will be at The Baby Show London Olympia October 2023.


London-based wearable technology company Petit Pli [former winner of the UK James Dyson Award, 2018 Dezeen Award for Best Wearable Design 2018, 2019 Red Dot Award Product Design: ‘Best of the Best’ Winners and Global Change Award (2019)], Amazon’s most Innovative Company of the year 2022, engineer clothes that grow with children by embedding a patented structure which expands bi-directionally to fit children through multiple sizes, for example, their MiniHuman range grows from 9 months to 4 years. After much R&D and product testing, Petit Pli’s rainproof, windproof outerwear suits are now available to order. 


Petit Pli at the Young V&A with a Royal Admirer

In the summer of 2023, the Young V&A opened and revealed Petit Pli’s design in its permanent gallery, the unique design has even entered the V&A archive! HRH Princess of Wales opened the new museum and when referring to Petit Pli said “That would have been very useful. I really love it.”


Sustainability: Petit Pli contributes to making the fashion industry circular and reduce waste by:

  • Reducing waste at production (fewer offcuts)

  • Transportation (fewer sizes)

  • Petit Pli have gone above and beyond to source & use recycled fabrics

  • Keeping clothing in use for longer (Ellen MacArthur Foundation have identified that extending the life and use of clothes is one of the most significant opportunities the fashion industry has to reduce carbon emissions, waste generation and water consumption)

  • Inspiring the next generation to reframe the value of clothing

  • Designing a solution that is more innovative, more sustainable and has high quality technical fabrics as children are extreme athletes.


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