Rock Stepper: Baby & Toddler Playmat bundle

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18 Oct 2023

Rock Stepper: Baby & Toddler Playmat bundle

Rock Stepper
Rock Stepper: Baby & Toddler Playmat bundle

Revolutionary new Playmat Launches in UK

  • Designed to support learning and development at every age, from first steps to phonics.
  • The Rock Stepper features unique complementary App function to educate and engage
  • A stylish playmat that complements the modern home.
  • Offering a huge 20% discount as an event exclusive

An innovative new children’s playmat is set to revolutionise the nursery market. The stylish Rock Stepper has been developed to grow with baby taking them from tummy time and first steps to teacher-led maths and literacy learning.

The softly padded durable Rock Stepper (RRP £195.00) cushions baby safely from birth, supporting them as they learn to roll, crawl and walk and when turned over the play may transforms into a stylish soft grey mat that will complement any interior and makes an ideal surface for home exercise too.

Unlike other playmats, the Rock Stepper comes with flash cards and a complementary App which can be used to further a child’s development engaging them in fun learning games that will support their educational development. Using the power of play Little Steppers can explore their own interests and dive into a world of imagination on the premium Rock Stepper playmat.

The Rock Stepper bundle comes with 70 double-sided waterproof and tear-resistant Flash Cards that allow parents to introduce colours, letters and phonics with fun games that will help develop speech, reading and emotional learning.

The innovative Rock Stepper App can be downloaded and used in conjunction with time on the play mat with a range of entertaining games and songs to encourage play and boost brain development. As well as games including Spelling (EYFS and KS1), What am I?, Shape Finder, True or False and Fast Finder, there are ideas for maximising the play possibilities of the playmat with several videos. The Rock Stepper is large enough for at least two children to play at once and is recommended by the experts at The Good Play Guide.

During October, £5 of every sale goes to Starlight charity. Starlight is the UK’s leading charity for children’s play in hospitals and hospices. Evidence shows that play has the power to reduce fear, pain and trauma during treatment and recovery from illness – boosting mental and physical health and resilience. Starlight works to ensure every child has the opportunity, space and time to experience play. They also undertake research and campaign to ensure children’s right to play is protected and provided for. This means they campaign for more and better, fully funded play services and play practitioners to be recognised and embedded within the NHS.

Available from Rock Stepper priced at £195.00. During The Baby Show, Rock Stepper will be offering 20% discount.

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