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08 Mar 2023

Welcome To Clean Crawl

Clean Crawl
Welcome To Clean Crawl
Pale Pink Clean Crawl Coverall Trousers
We all know what it’s like when our babies begin to crawl, it is the moment we have been willing for months and we couldn’t be prouder! However very quickly we start to experience the trials and tribulations that come along with having a baby on the move- with dirty knees and ruined clothes at the very heart.


Born out of the frustrations of a fellow mum’s own experience, Clean Crawl has been launched to help parents and babies alike when your little one reaches that crawling age! 


After the effort we all put into our little one’s wardrobes, it is understandable that there is nothing that feels more heart-breaking than when your child comes back from their first explorations bringing half the floor filth with them. 


“As a new mum, I quickly realised how dirty crawling could be. Wherever we went, Louis just wanted to be down on the floor and soon enough his lovely clothes would be filthy, and sometimes the stains just wouldn't come out.”


But searching for a quick and easy solution to the problem wasn’t simple and looking for an inexpensive solution was fruitless. By the time Jill, (Clean Crawl Founder) had two little movers at home, she realised that she had the answer and there was only one thing for it, she was going to have to create it herself. 


“Sharing the idea with my Mum, who is a whizz on the sewing machine, and thanks to her creative sewing skills, the first prototype of Clean Crawl was produced using the fabric from a shower curtain.”


Once a baby begins their crawling journey, they develop before our eyes. Quickly learning and increasing their awareness of situations and experiences. 


“Crawling is considered to be the first form of independent movement. It helps develop and enhance their balance and sensory systems, cognition, problem solving skills and coordination.”


So being able to offer a solution that allows parents to feel happy and comfortable allowing their little one to explore a floor independently, whether at home or in public, has been a dream come true! Knowing that outfits, whether dressed for a special occasion, everyday use or at nursery, is not going to be clicked, marked or stained within minutes in the mission to move, is exactly what Clean Crawl is all about. 


These handy, protective, and splashproof trousers are designed to fit over the top of your baby's outfit, keeping their clothing clean & dry! 

We have designed them so that once finished, they fold up into a handy little built-in pouch that you can pop back into your bag ready to reuse next time. Being able to have them to hand in any situation, unfolding and slipping on with one hand means everything is kept simple, with no buttons or fastenings, they are safe for use and wipe down easily meaning the next use is only an unfolding away. 


Made here in England, going green with Clean Crawl is also possible with eco-friendly packaging. This product not only helps prevent fast fashion within the children’s sector but also makes it more possible to pass our favourite mini outfits onto other children, along with the protective trousers that have made this achievable. Saving on waste and increasing hand-me-downs is the name of our game. 


“I'm very proud that our products are manufactured at So-mes Creation Ltd based in Leicester.”


If you have felt the frustrations and are desperate to banish baggy knees and say so-long to stains, head to www.cleancrawl.co.uk today to shop our quality products. Choose from pale pink, blue or neutral to help keep your children’s style in check while making sure their outfits are not spoilt within 10 minutes of being out of the house… something all parents dream of. 


Making the perfect gift for a mum-to-be or just making your life as a parent that little bit easier, (let’s be honest, this is all we want) there should always be space in your changing bag for a Clean Crawl pouch.

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