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Birthing Blissfully for Dads: Equipping for great dads to provide valuable support in childbirth


Introducing “Birthing Blissfully for Dads” – an online training course designed to equip dads with the skills and confidence to provide invaluable support during childbirth.

Many fathers-to-be, eager to play an active role, often find themselves unsure of how to effectively support their loved ones in the birthing process. Birthing Blissfully for Dads provides valuable insights, guidance, and practical tools to help fathers navigate the birthing process confidently and offer meaningful support to their partners.


Create a more positive birthing experience for the entire family

When partners are well-prepared and supportive, birthing mothers tend to feel safer and more confident, leading to better outcomes.

This comprehensive training will help you:

  • Feel confident in the support you provide during labour and delivery.
  • Acquire essential knowledge about common risk factors in childbirth and learn how to support your partner in reducing or eliminating them.
  • Step into the birthing room not just as an observer but as an active, competent participant whose presence positively impacts the overall birth environment.
  • Equip yourself to assist and support your partner in making informed decisions regarding medical choices, ensuring her best interests are protected.
  • Collaborate effectively in birth planning, so you are able to advocate for and protect her preferences when she is unable to.
  • Gain insights into offering day-to-day support leading up to the birth, as well as the dynamic roles of a birth partner across the varying stages of labour.
  • Learn how to alleviate some common fears and doubts, fostering a more reassuring environment for the entire childbirth process.
  • Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to make crucial decisions in the event of emergencies or unexpected eventualities that may arise.


If you would like to take a more intentional approach to equipping yourself to offer valuable support during this crucial time, Birthing Blissfully can help make that happen.

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